187 Fly Knee Pads <br>Slide-on Knee Pads <br>by 187 Killer Pads
187 Fly Knee Pads

187 Fly Knee Pads
Slide-on Knee Pads
by 187 Killer Pads

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  • Same expert craftsmanship as the Pro Knee
  • Contoured shape with seamless interiors, for amazing fit and comfort
  • Quality construction and superior foam for excellent performance
  • Thick riveted-on size-specific caps and double-stitched ballistic nylon for duarbility

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Slim-Fit Knee Protection

187 Fly Knee Pads feature a low-profile design with a superior foam pad, for a streamlined fit with excellent impact resistance. The contoured shape and slide-on style allows them to fit snug and cradle your knee, giving you close protection without restricting movement. And the caps are all size-specific, so they fit close to the pad without added bulk.

187 Fly Knee Pads are made with the same high-quality craftsmanship as the 187 Pro Knee and Pro Derby Knee Pads, but in a streamlined design for a slimmer, smaller fit. The outer lining features industrial-stitched ballistic nylon for extreme durability, while the inner liner is seamless and soft for comfort against the knee. The most versatile knee pad for roller derby, skateboarding, and has great crossover for any number of action sports.

187 Fly pads are excellent for outdoor street skating! Great for all roller sports, or anytime you don't want extra bulk!

Fill styleLow-profile structured foam padding
Open back or Slide onSlide on elastic-back, gasket style
Closure styleElastic/Velcro on top strap. Nylon cinch strap on bottom strap for snug adjustments
Replaceable CapsNo, size-specific caps are riveted on for contoured fit
Recommended UseRoller Derby, skateboarding, street skating, recreational skating, and many other action sports

Square Cat 101 - Pro Sizing Tips
All knee pads will stretch out as you use them, so always shop small! Use the size chart below, and err on the small side. General use combined with the salt and sweat from skating and repeated falls will stretch the elastic quite a bit within the first few weeks or month, depending on use. Don't waste your money by having your pads stretch out too soon. Buy the smallest knee pads you can possibly squeeze into, and they will break in nicely.

How do you tell if they fit? Knee pads that are sized "just right" when they are brand new, will stretch out and quickly become too big. When you first pull on your 187 Fly Knee Pads, they should fit somewhere in-between "impossible to pull on" and "mild panic attack." Meaning: they should be hard to get on! And the top velcro strap should only be stretched about halfway across the front of the pad.

Don't be afraid to fight with them the first few weeks to stretch them on. You'll appreciate it when they're not sliding off to the side after a few months.

187 Knee Pad Sizing Chart

187 Fly Series good for Roller Derby?
187 Fly knee pads are not built up the same way as the 187 Pro or Pro Derby knee pads. For some skaters, this means less protection from the heaviest falls, and if you want the most protection, the Pro Knee or Pro Derby Knee is the way to go. No knee pad will protect against every possible injury, but the 187 Pro pads will provide that extra measure against some of the most gnarly, hard crashes.

But 187 Fly pads are still designed to handle the high impacts that come with roller derby and skating, and will still give you superior protection. Skaters who want good knee protection, but are looking more for smaller fit and flexibility, or just want good protection at a cheaper price, will prefer the Fly Series over the added protection of the Pro Series.

Still Can't Decide?
A lot of newer skaters have a hard time wondering why they should spend a grip on the Pro Knee or Pro Derby pads. Simply put, when you're a new skater, you tend to fall harder and will less control. The added protection of the Pro Knee or Pro Derby Knee pads will help you prevent injuries early on. But not just for beginners! Any derby skater knows that falls can occur in the most crazy of ways - and sitting on the bench sucks. Anyone who has had past or recurring knee injuries, or is skating ramps, will appreciate any extra protection.

But if you know what your needs are, and don't fall on your knees a lot, or prefer reduced coverage for the sake of extra maneuverability, the Fly Knees are the way to go. They are a top quality pad, and offer some of the best protection for the price point.

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