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187 Pro Knee Pads - Black/Black

187 Pro Knee Pads
Black-Black or Black-White

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  • Revolutionary Lock-In Replaceable Cap Systemâ„¢ - caps don't fall off!
  • Three-panel construction for lots of movement; with printed bottom panel
  • Dual-density interior foam to absorb hard impacts
  • Light-weight Dry-Fastâ„¢ interior lining for soft comfort and sweat absorption
  • Double stitching and industrial-weight top stitching for durability
  • Seamless hinge and interior finish for maximum flexibility and comfort
  • Open back design for excellent fit and easy on and off

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High-Impact Protection. Save Your Knees!

187 Pro Knee Pads provide superior knee protection because they are designed using a dual-density interior foam that wraps around the front and sides of your knee. While a lot of knee pads use a layer of soft foam or stuffing, 187 Pro Knee Pads use a full-coverage structure that is built to both absorb and redirect impacts away from the sensitive knee area, to reduce impact injuries. The molded foam shell is designed with a seamless bend at the knee joint to give maximum coverage, without overly restricting movement.

For the same quality and protection, but with a slimmer fit and even more movement, check out the 187 Pro Derby knee pads.

On the outside, a durable, double-stitched ballistic nylon means your pads will hold up after numerous slides and wipe-outs. These pads were designed by a vert skateboarder and roller derby fan, and 187 understands the durability required by these sports. The Dri-Fast interior lining is lightweight and moisture-resistant, to dry quickly after use. And the open-back design makes it easy to gear up without taking off your skates or shoes.

187 Knee Pads Replacement Caps in Colors
Need Some Color?
Jazz up your pads with colored replacement caps! Or maybe you need white caps to prevent scuff marks on your banked track or sport court. Click the pic to shop your favorite color! All featuring the signature 187 Lock-In design.

Why the Pricey Knee Pads?

Whether you're new to roller derby, or a seasoned vet, knee protection is essential. It can be hard for newer skaters to know why they should spend a grip on knee pads, but any skater (and especially newer skaters) can fall hard on their knees when knocked over without expecting it. While skill, time, and strength will help you learn to fall with more control, a direct knee blow is going to happen. And, while no pad can protect against every injury, there's no sense in wasting weeks on the sidelines from a preventable injury!

187 Pads are consistently favored by roller derby skaters, ramp skaters, and are what pro skateboarders, like Tony Hawk and Bob Burnquist, use to gear up with.

Fill styleMolded dual-density foam around knee
Open back or Slide onOpen back, for easy on/off and over clothing, without removing skates or shoes
Closure styleNeoprene/velcro on inner straps. Elastic/Velcro on outer top strap. Nylon cinch strap on outer bottom strap for snug adjustments
Replaceable CapsYes. Lock-In system so caps stay in place securely

187 Pro Knee Pads Diagram

Square Cat Gear Nerd 101 - Pro Sizing Tip:

187 Pro Pads run a little large and might be considered somewhat bulky for some, but usually that's from making the mistake of buying pads that are too big. As with any knee pads, we recommend you buy the smallest size you can fit your knee into. All of your salty, sweaty, skating will stretch them out quickly, and you want your pads to fit well after they break in!

187 Pro Knee pads should be sized so that the foam knee portion wraps snugly around your knee, without large side gaps. You want to fit according to the knee portion, not the strap length (straps can always be modified if you have muscular legs, for example). Straps should be tight when brand new -- even a little uncomfortable -- and will relax after you skate a few times. If you have trouble with your pads feeling too bulky, or difficult to cross over, or that stretch out and slide out of place, they are probably too large.

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