Adonis Micro Wheels <br>50mm Roller Derby and Rhythm Wheels (Set of 4)
Adonis Wheels 95A

Adonis Micro Wheels
50mm Roller Derby and Rhythm Wheels (Set of 4)

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Adonis Skate Wheels LogoThe most agile wheels you'll ever use!Adonis Wheels

The smallest, lightest, and fastest derby wheels on the market. That's right: 50mm tall derby wheels. If you thought 59mm wheels were quick and light, then get ready to be stunned with your skating when you put these guys on.

Adonis went balls out and shaved a whole 12mm off the height of the standard roller skate wheel, and you're looking at the result - a super short wheel that helps you stop faster, quick start easier, and juke more nimbly. A short wheel that also keeps you lower to the ground, more stable, and lighter on your feet with less weight and less bulk.

Adonis wheels are designed for fancy footwork, and are fabulous for roller derby, as well as rhythm and dance skating. Get the harder wheels for rhythm skating at the rink, and go a little softer for the derby track.

Adonis Wheel AssemblyUse the included P-LET bearing spacers to stay fast!

Modern roller derby is more about quick feet and control than about just skating a track, but some people still might be concerned that a tiny wheel will make you lose your speed. Don't worry, Adonis has that part covered!

When installing your Adonis Wheels, make sure that when you press in your bearings, you drop in the included P-LET spacer between each one. Each wheel should have one spacer sitting between the two bearings. This will ensure that you maintain power and speed despite the small diameter.

Designed by skaters who also happen to be engineers in the high-performance auto racing industry, the guys at Adonis Wheels have transferred some of that knowledge over to revolutionize roller skating. These wheels are designed with precision-cut P-LET load distribution spacers (included with each set) that evenly distribute your weight over all of your bearings (instead of only half at a time, depending on which way you're digging), so you can tighten your wheels all the way down and transfer all your power into keeping your speed! The hubs are also specially designed to keep the inertia rolling. These wheels are fast!

Use Quality Bearings

Keep in mind, because of the precision of Adonis Wheels, you have to have your drivetrain dialed in tight -- that means no play on your wheels. Insert the P-LET spacers, and then tighten each axle nut all the way down. Because all your moving parts are cinched in tight, if your bearings are dirty or lower quality, this will be immediately apparent when you skate your Adonis Wheels. We recommend using only higher-end Swiss bearings, and always keeping your bearings clean. For ultimate performance, we found that if you use Kwik Ceramic or Moto Ceramic bearings, you won't even notice an ounce of speed loss. Rock on!

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Air Glide Certified
Air Glide Certified
All Adonis Wheels are certified using the patent-pending AirGlide process that ensures your the trueness of your wheels to .002". With AirGlide, you can be sure you're rolling as smooth as possible!

50mm x 32mm (straight cut edge)
50mm x 36mm (molded lip edge)


Orange 88A
Slick floors, polished concrete, grippy on concrete, hard outdoor wheel
Green 92A
Slick concrete, some wood floors, sport court
Blue 95A
Concrete, wood floors, banked track, sport court
Black 98A 
Wood floors, roller rink floors, banked track
White 101A
Wood floors, roller rink floors, extra slide

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